Get your own
cloud gaming service
Run games for your users.
No downloads, no installation.
Ultra low system requirements.
Increase conversion
to active players by
Increase your paying audience by 60%
60% of gamers own computers with old or obsolete hardware. They only dream of being able to play the latest AAA-rated games. But with Remote Click, they can all become your customers.
Your game will be running on a server in the cloud, so your customers can play it even on cheap and outdated hardware.
70% of your potential buyers aren't playing your game.
They refuse to spend hours waiting for dozens of gigabytes to download. But with Remote Click, they can launch your game with a single click.
No downloads, no installation.
How many visitors will become buyers?
Your paying audience
with Remote Click
Your current
paying audience
waiting endlessly for massive downloads

scrounging on every penny to keep up with the impossible hardware race

uninstalling software and deleting data just to make space for the next game
Save your users the pain of:
Remote Click allows users to:
run games with 1 click — no wait time, no download time, no installation

play on virtually any device without needing to spend $900 on the latest graphics card

save hundreds of gigabytes of hard drive space
Save yourself the pain of:
Remote Click enables you to:
fully concentrate on developing gameplay and optimizing monetization

cater for Windows and Mac audiences without the hassle of porting the game
sinking tons of money and energy into purchasing and installing a hacking protection system for your game

purchasing an anti-cheat system

spending months developing a game for Mac OS or totally giving up on a Mac audience.
How it works
The game is launched on the server

Users receive the best quality graphics
on their device

Control commands are instantly transmitted from the user's device to the server!
Remote Click works even
with bad internet and WiFi
Remote Click uses AI algorithms to identify network problems and recommend solutions.
Detects applications that consume traffic on the user's computer
Identifies weak signals
from the WiFi router
Detects obstacles between the user's computer and the WiFi router
User transfer
to 5 GHz WiFi network
Remote Click recovers up to 70% of lost data packets
H.264 and H.265
(EAC and Battleye etc.)
Remote Click provides
Microphone and
gamepad functionality
Cloud storage
of user data
1 500 000
users across 15 countries use Remote Click technology to play AAA games on their low-spec computers without downloading.
Virtual Machine
50 USD per month
Supports any game

White label solution

Free updates

Unlimited games
and game hours

Free access to the management system
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